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MicroCam is a new concept in medical imaging. The MicroCam system includes integrated optics, illumination, electronics and cabling in a fully encapsulated sealed and sterilize-able assembly. The proprietary optics consist of a camera head housing a Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) imaging sensor and LED light elements, attached by a wiring harness to a pre-constructed solid-state camera control unit (CCU) that may connect directly to a monitor via either a USB or HDMI connector.

The package is ready for any application and includes proprietary software with standard and advanced image processing libraries along with a rudimentary graphical user interface (GUI). For OEM applications, all of these can be included in evaluation kits; once a customer decides upon a final design, they can buy individual components in quantities needed.

Product Details

See Figure 1. The package includes: cable head, cable connectors (wiring harness), camera PCB, evaluation software CD, USB cable; PCB with HDMI output available upon request.

Figure 1


MicroCam Technology


3mm Laparoscope

2-way or 4-way Articulating Laparoscope